Population Analytics

SHIFOX offers Population Health Analytics (health Informatics) as part...

Care Management

Healthcare organizations are not only required to report on this...

Patient Registry

The SHIFOX system will aggregate Patient Data and Maintain...

Patient Engagement

The SHIFOX Patient Portal is fully integrated with the population...

Referral Management

SHIFOX Referral Management is a robust feature that allows...

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging is the new standard to exchange protected health...

SHIFOX Connect

An interface engine designed to process patient charts from your...

Mobile Ready

SHIFOX offers various mobile options to support providers and engage...


Are you prepared to evaluate the risk of sharing financial responsibility for managing defined populations?
If your answer is “NO” or “May Be” then SHIFOX can help you get there!

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Why Choose SHIFOX
  • Unique System Design

    Web based system (cloud based) that integrates all features found in one flexible robust and cutting Edge Technology.

  • Affordable Business Model

    Transactional/PMPM affordable business model No upfront hardware, networking, software or additional per-user-license expenditure.

  • Customizable And Flexible

    Completely integrated and all features found in one flexible state of the art technology. Features can be utilized modularly including SHIFOX being the hub of many features.

  • Ease Of Transformation

    Installation is easy and can move at providers’ pace without taxing their internal resources.

  • Ease Of Use

    SHIFOX is scalable and has remote access and multi-site capability that all stakeholders (any size and location) can access to do their part. Also, SHIFOX is designed so that support staff can act as essential users so providers

  • Secured

    SHIFOX is hosted in a data center certified with the highest HIPAA security available to protect patient health information (PHI). SHIFOX HISP is part of Direct Trust and is EHNAC certified.

We Make It Happen!

We help ACO’s, DISRPs, IPA’s, Health Homes, Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH),
and other organizations in need of managing a collaborative approach to clinical coordination.